Cleaning Therapy: Wiping Away Winter Blues

I’ve had just about enough of this winter season! I have a feeling that many of you agree with me on this point.

So, when I start to get in the doldrums, and I can’t get outside to feel the sun on my face and smell the flowers…I clean. Thats right, I clean. I dust, do laundry, mop floors, organize closets, you name it! Its my therapy for fighting the winter blues. But, I want to be surrounded by clean, fresh scents as I clean to wipe the winter blues away. So, my choice of cleaning supplies is very important.

Clean doesn’t mean a smell of ‘burn your eyebrows off’ to be really clean. You’ll only clean off your fingerprints with that stuff! A good clean is one that wraps you like a beautiful perfume and welcomes you in and leaves its imprint on you. Thats why I use Caldrea…aromatheraputic home cleaning products. They are simply lush scents that bring Spring inside even if its still a snowy mess outside.

We carry Caldrea’s countertop spray, dish soap, linen & room spray, hand soap and laundry detergent in the store. I’ve tested them all on every surface in my house and they cut through grease, grime, even stick goo (thats the stuff my dogs drool on the floor after eating) without harsh chemicals and/or harming the environment.

Caldrea’s newest scent, Daphne Feather Moss has top notes of floral and citrus, fresh leaves and moss. You also get hints of a warm spring rain! I’m spraying the Linen & Room Spray all over everything as a great pick me up. The laundry detergent leaves a light, fresh scent. Works with both front & top load machines. You only need a little drop of the dish soap to clean a bunch of dirty dishes. It all smells so wonderful you just want to clean some more!

So why not come in and check our Caldrea line up. I promise, with scents like Daphne Feather Moss, Sweet Pea, Rosewater Driftwood, Tangelo Palm Frond and others, you’re bound to undertake a little cleaning therapy too.

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Recipes For Life

One of the wonderful things about owning a store in a city like Lambertville, is that we have great customers. People come in and they're friendly and enthusiastic about what they see on display. We've known some of our customers for over 23 years; as long as we've been open! Some have even become close friends.

Last year I had the pleasure of designing the interior of a newly renovated old house in town. Working with this couple turned out to be such a pleasure. They loved my design ideas. It certainly helps when customers "get" me and BR.

The Clifton Sectional makes the living room cosy. The windows will get wood shutters.


In the kitchen dining nook Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' lucite Alain Side Chairs with leather seat cushions pair very nicely with Blue Raccoon's Farm Dining Table.


The seating area in the kitchen addition is finished off with an "Indochine" faux-silk shag rug.


The new stair runner is a beautiful blue plaid.


The job is mostly done and installed, but we're still working on finishing touches. I feel like we're becoming friends. I love talking about food with one of them. She's a foodie. She even gave me a cookbook as a present when we installed the furniture last December. And we swap recipes all the time, like this one


Making fresh ricotta! The milk curds drying in a cheesecloth-lined colander. 


 This is a great recipe from the New York Times that I made with my home made ricotta.


It was totally delish!


Not to overestimate what we do, but our goal at BR has always been to share a vision of home life that is about more than just the decor. That's why, along side the sofas and chairs, we sell fragrances, cookbooks and play great music. I believe we help make living spaces more comfortable, restful, useful and, more importantly, life affirming. Kinda like we're offering recipes for life. And, this, in the end, is what makes me love what I do.

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And The Award Goes To…

It's that time of year again when they roll out the red carpet and all the stars put on their their best duds in the hopes to go home with a little statue of gold plated bronze or solid crystal or something resembling a lump of something I made with clay when I was two!*


For us here at Blue Raccoon, our award season when the various companies come out with their Color of the Year picks. Lets just say we are so excited with the choices they made because you really can incorporate them into your home.


Pantone is the ‘be all/end all’ for the Color Of The Year and this year’s reining color is the ripe Greenery 15-0343.


Why not pop a Mini Basketweave Cube in Dill for a side table or as an ottoman in your family room. It gives a great pop of color and best yet, its made with Chilewich so its easy clean.


Benjamin Moore Paint’s 2017 choice is the lush Shadow 2117-30. Its a purple with an undertone of both brown and black.


Using a softer tone of this color, shown here in our Egg Side Table Lamp, gives you flavor of color without overwhelming your room.

Finally, Useful Grey SW 7050 by Sherwin-Williams is a wonderful neutral that you can incorporate in just about any area of your home.

Shades of the color can be seen in the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Kennedy Sofa in Lagrange-Andiron fabric (which will be in our store soon!)
So, why not award your home with a little bit of color. You’re worth it!

*Just to clarify, it's Cindy, Blue Raccoon’s faithful manager, blogging. Didn’t want you to think that Nelson wasn’t artistic with clay at the age of two; which I’m quite sure he was...

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I Dreamt of Diego Rivera

Whenever I have a design installation I get a bit of performance anxiety. I wake up in the night and go through the whole installation in my mind. I start doubting myself. (Imposter Syndrome???) I also have funny dreams. 

Blue Raccoon's spring collection is starting to arrive and we received the first installment of our new furniture last week. The night before the floor move, (that's what we call it when we rearrange the store to incorporate new furniture) I woke up in the night and went over the whole thing in my head. I usually draw a floor plan, but somehow this time around I hadn't gotten to it. It's a lot of work incorporating 2 new sofas, 3 chairs and 2 ottomans. Anyway, I finally fell asleep and had a very funny dream...

I am back at Zona NYC. The old gang is all there, including Lou Sagar, the owner. Lou brought in all of these beautiful exotic wood sculptures from Thailand. I was doing a major floor move incorporating new furniture with these large pieces interspersed. Suddenly, I notice Franci Sagar (Lou's ex-wife and co-owner) standing next to a chair. Sitting in the chair is Diego Rivera. It strikes me as odd that he is there, but my mind goes to the fact that Franci is NOT dressed as Frida Kahlo. It bothers me a bit at first, but I have to move this chair. So I ask Diego to please get up. I move it. Then he sits in another chair, one that I also have to move. Diego and I go on like that for a while...Then I wake up. 

What do you think this means??? Maybe I shouldn't ask.


And now, time for phase 1 of Blue Raccoon's Spring Collection debut. 


New for Spring 2017: The Sloan Collection:  Its a new comfy small scale style by Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsWe love it!

Thanks for checking in...'till next time! Ciao!

PS: Sorry we haven't been blogging for so many weeks. We promise to be better about it in the future. And thanks for being such wonderful loyal customers and blog readers.


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On The Road to the High Point Furniture Market

I'm up early today, getting ready to drive to High Point, NC for the furniture market. Market comes along twice a year, every October and April. We go every year to see what's new for the coming season for furniture and lighting design. I also use this time to get inspired. Inspired for what styles I want to bring into the store for customers and what my design clients may want for their homes.

However, this trip will be very different, though. See, this time, I will be doing it by myself. You may have noticed that one of the changes at BR is that Nick isn't around anymore. Don't worry...he's still part of the store. But he was given a great opportunity to work for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. He is the showroom manager at their new King of Prussia store! Big news, I know...stop by to get the low down.

When you do stop in you must sit on my new favorite MG+BW sofa: The WhitleyWe show it in a rich velvet with the ECO-Down Blend cushions. It is one of the most comfy sofas MG+BW has ever made! Can't wait to see what else they have in store when I see their new lines for spring! I am at 5:00am, having breakfast and getting myself together for the long drive down. I will keep you posted about what I find. Until next time. Thanks!



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