10 Things We Learned and Loved This Week: Key West Edition

Nick and I just got back from our winter get-away to Key West. We always get great ideas wherever we travel, but Key West is an especially magical place. It's an easy-going island town, perfect for relaxing, and everywhere you look, there's beauty and inspiration. Here are some of the things that caught our eye:

Local Color



1. Look at the paint color on this door! Love it! 


 2. These shutters, with their worn blue green paint, caught my eye. 


 3. This crisp white industrial building with the bright red accents against clear blue skies...yum.


 4. I mean, come on...The door paint matches the plant! 



5. The saffron orange shutters with the white siding and clear blue sky is perfect.


Rustic Charm


6. We love the weathered siding on this old structure. 



7. This row of shutters.



8. This house with it's 2 floors of porches is totally charming.


9. Fried Anchovie-Stuffed Olives at Louie's Backyard. 'Nuff said.



10. Spock greeted me in The Cafe's loo. Gotta love that...


Thanks for checking out the blog this week. And...sorry it's been so long since the last post. Tune in next week. Ciao!


One last picture...We ate lunch at Amigos one day. This is what my Margarita came in. Sums up the spirit of Key West. Ha!