Spring is Here!

Spring officially arrived last week and the weather seems to be cooperating. The first day of spring was a Sunday and all of the weather guys were going on about the snow that we were supposed to get. It made for a slow day at the store. I know we're not the only ones who suffered from all of the hype, but they always seem to do this. Oh, well...

Back at home we've been plotting and planning our garden. I am getting excited! I started thinking about what the back yard and front bed would look like a long time ago. I mean, I was sketching my ideas even before we closed on the house. I'm like that... This Saturday phase 1 will be installed. The beds in the back yard will be defined and dug in and all of the shrubs and trees will be planted. That will give us the layout. Then all we have to do is fill in with more perennials. I enjoy working in the garden so much. It's been two years without one. It'll be nice to get back into it...


 I sketched ideas of what I imagined the beds to look like when they mature. I also made a detailed list of the larger elements of each bed (shrubs, trees, tall blooming perennials). These will give the garden its form. Then smaller blooming plants will be added to fill it in. 



 Nick and I were talking the other day about how we're both embarrassed about how our yard looks right now. Friends, neighbors and customers walking by on the tow path see a big overgrown mess! Ugh!



I ordered plants from White Flower Farm. They arrived within a week. When we were in Amsterdam last September we stayed at the Andaz. They had a beautiful courtyard garden with big plantings of Anemone, "Sylvestris". Nick and I were wowed by them. I read that these spread and naturalize very nicely. I got ten plants (those tiny pots picture above). I also got a climbing rose


 The final scale drawing of the back yard garden. A grass and clover lawn will be surrounded by beds of blooming perennials. Eventually we will lay down a stone patio in the center for a dining table. At the front of the house we have a bed which we'll get to eventually. We have to repair our front porch and re-point the brick facade of the house. We'll plant something there this season to make it look nice. Then after the work to the front of the house is completed we'll enlarge the bed and plant a blooming garden.


Well...can't wait to share with you the progress as it all comes to life. We will post updates as everything matures.

Until next time, ciao!