Spring Planting

Spring is here and, even though it's been rainy and dreary for the last week, we've been busy getting our back yard ready for warm weather. In early April Mr. Cruz, our landscaper, cut in the beds, weeding and taking out plants we didn't want to keep. Most of the plants were not doing well for various reasons. It was a big jungle of ugly lilies, a sorry looking lilac or two and various other unhappy plants. Now it looks clean, like a blank slate for us to plant with blooming perennials.

The overgrown garden and lawn. 


Mr. Cruz's crew working hard. The walkway of red brick pavers was added to replace the mismatched blue stone and the patch of overgrown weeds. Much nicer!


We planted a crape myrtle in the north bed near the house. You'll be able to see it from the street. Then I planted hydrangeas, anemones, a climbing rose, some butterfly bushes and other blooming plants.


 The lawn was re-seeded. It had so many wild onions, weeds and worn spots. 


Just three weeks and it's looking so much better! You can see in this picture that I was able to plant the beds. Or maybe you can't...the plants are so tiny...


 Before (above) and after (below) shots of the lawn bordering the south bed.




An oak leaf hydrangea that I planted is settling in. You can see this guy in the picture above (south border). Funny story: I wanted to save money by ordering plants on-line (Burpee Seeds and Plants and White Flower Farm). The plants were much more reasonably priced and the pictures on-line were spectacular! Well...when they arrived I realized why they were so reasonably priced. They were tiny sprigs. Eventually they'll be big blooming shrubs and spreading perennials, but now? Not so much...Oh, well...



My anemone is doing well, but it wants the sun to finally come out. I suppose that this rain will help the plants establish themselves and get nice big roots growing. Then when the sun comes out it'll be time to grow and spread out. Right? 


I was able to plant my herb garden this week too! I use them every day when I'm cooking at home. It's so easy to do and it gives me such pleasure.

I know it will take a while for everything to grow in and mature, but it's looking really great. We know it will be a wonderful place to enjoy sunny days with friends and family. If only the sun would come out...