We got it! Now what???

Hi, I'm Nelson Zayas. That's me pulling out rug staples from the staircase in our new house. My husband, Nick Bewsey, and I own Blue Raccoon Home Furnishings in Lambertville, New Jersey. That's a picture of the two of us in front of the new place. 

Creating comfortable livingspaces for our customers is what we do everyday. We work with some amazing furniture and accessories manufacturers. I love, I mean LOVE, finding the right wall color, fabric texture and furniture combination for my clients. Helping them realize their vision of comfort for their home is very satisfying. But it takes a lot of work!

So...if all of this takes so much time and energy why would I undertake blogging about creating Nick and my own comfortable living space? We are very lucky to have the best customers and many of them have asked what our home looks like. They come into the store to shop and ask, "How do you have your home decorated?" or "Where would you use this style chair in your house?" and, mostly, "How can I get this 'Blue Raccoon' feel in my home?".

The opportunity to show how we create and design kinda fell in our laps, I guess. We used to live in a cool 60's ranch, which we renovated, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. (It was featured in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' book The Comfortable Home.) While we enjoyed it's easy, comfortable open floor plan and lush gardens for years, we really love our beautiful City of Lambertville where our store has been since 1993. So in 2014 we decided to bite the bullet and move into town.

Who would have known that after listing our house on the market it would sell in two days! that's the good news. The not so good news was that we had no place to move to! 

Packing, moving, storage, more packing, moving, storage...Ugh!

Great entryway with AWFUL wall-to-wall.  

The first house we looked at with our amazing real estate agent, Ali McMenamin, was this lovely house located on our favorite street, right in the heart of Lambertville. Along the canal tow path. A semi-attached Georgian style house built C1873. Red brick exterior and a white front porch with decorative lattice work up top. It was totally charming. It even had a gate in the back yard leading to the tow path! But..yikes!!! Does it need work! That's the entryway with a great staircase (good bones) and hideous wall-to-wall (like I said...Yikes!). Do we really want to take on a project like this at this stage in our lives? So we looked at 8 or so other houses in the area over the next couple of weeks and weren't thrilled at all...so we decided  to have another look at the house along the canal and...we decided this was the one!

Why? Great bones, comfortable flow of rooms and the best location...right in downtown Lambertville! Did I mention that it was on the canal?!!

We got it! Now what???