We've Been Framed!

FLASH FORWARD: PRESENT DAY.  We have a confession to make. We're very weary of all of this home renovation stuff. Don't get me wrong. Nick and I have always dreamed of having a home that we could design from scratch. One that we could live in for years and would be a reflection of who we are. We know that's where this is all headed, but...we moved into the house with a barely functional kitchen. We are eating out a lot; often 6 nights a week. (Ka-ching!) We are not able to set up a real living space where we can watch movies or TV. (I guess we are doing this in bed, but, it's not the same.) Once the renovation started at the end of September we reduced our living space to a small guest bedroom -- trying to manage with our belongings in plastic clothing bins and luggage racks. We are washing dishes in the tiny sink in the guest bathroom. Doing laundry at the The Laundry Room of Lambertville. After purchasing this home last Spring, it's almost been a year in continuous transition. We know there are far worse things in life than living through a renovation, but... we're almost there and so close. Keep reading in the weeks ahead. There's a lot more dust and noise and disappointment to reveal.

FADE IN. NICK & NELSON'S HOUSE RENOVATION. A DAY IN OCTOBER 2014: Anyway, after the framing and build-out started we began to feel like things were progressing. Everyday the place gets one step closer to being a finished home. But, it still feels like our lives are on hold. I find myself obsessively collecting "first-meal-in-my-new-kitchen" recipes. (Seriously. Am I right, Facebook friends?) We're even holding off from watching certain movies, saving them for when our media room is set up and we can watch them under optimal conditions. Still, the construction is coming along. That light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter...

The back of the house with the framing for our new porch door and powder room window. The original plans had no window for the powder room. Brud suggested it and we thought that was a great idea!


Framing out the kitchen. The new space is starting to reveal itself.


Our new washer and dryer will go under the rear staircase leading to the master bedroom. We're salvaging old doors we removed when we moved in and installing them here to make a laundry closet!


That corner in the master bedroom? Brud patched the floor up with boards taken from the adjacent room. By removing and re-arranging the existing floor boards he was able to give us a floor that looks like it was there all along. Now all we have to do is sand and re-finish the whole thing. 


Our newly repaired closet, cast iron pipe removed, in the master bedroom. Two more of the salvaged doors will be cut down and installed as sliding doors. 


We were able to leave an exposed brick wall in the kitchen, expertly repaired by Mike Cameron the mason. He used some of those bricks from the original column that was in the old kitchen. This was a great surprise!

FLASH FORWARD. PRESENT DAY. As I write this our kitchen cabinets and appliances are being installed. (Woohoo!) Word to the wise: If you undertake a house renovation, know that it's going to be a challenge. It will take longer and cost more than you planned on. And there will be surprises, some good (brick wall), some bad (new foundation)...like, with all of the homework, the measuring and re-measuring, sometimes kitchen cabinets seem to have a mind of their own...But that's another story.  Any questions so far?  Ask us anything? Email us below at info@blueraccoon.com -- we'll post some of them with our answers (and we'll be sure to keep your name private)