The Space Inside the Walls

Once the framing of the rooms was accomplished in early November our plumber, Rick Carney, and our electrician, Danny Knott, were able to come in and do their thing. We kept hearing the term "rough-in" applied to their work. It was all about filling the spaces inside walls, floors and ceilings with wires and pipes. It was kind of amazing to watch, especially with the master bathroom. The room was originally a bedroom and had minimal electric and no plumbing whatsoever. Within three days this room had the infrastructure for the new bathroom with pipes leading to and from the basement!  

Plumbing in the floor of the new master bathroom. We never new that they used red and blue tubing for the hot and cold water. Cool.


There was a lot of activity the next two months. While the plumbing and electrical work was happening Mike Cameron, the stone mason, moved the doorway between the master bedroom and bath. This was to accommodate a smoother transition when walking through the rooms. At the same time contractors Brud and Matt were continuing with their carpentry. They were busy reinforcing joists, framing out more walls, patching plaster, etc. After that the insulation was installed in about two days --  we had spray foam installed above and below the floors and fiberglass insulation in the walls. Then the sheet rock guys arrived. It took about a week for them to install the drywall, then spackle and sand. Now we were really able to get a feel for the rooms. We were very happy with the kitchen space, but the bathroom blew us away. It was going to be amazing! One thing everybody tells you is that, once the drywall is up, the rest of the renovation "goes fast". We'll see... 

A corner in our dining room, which is directly below the new master bathroom. Hot and cold water go up from the basement plumbing and waste water goes down to the main sewage pipe.


After Brud repaired the ceiling joists in the master bedroom the whole thing was sprayed with insulation foam. Now we're ready for the drywall.


Our laundry closet with the drywall installed. Electric and plumbing is all in.



The new kitchen is going to be a great space to cook and hang out in. This is that corner where the full bath used to be. It now features a powder room and a glass door leading to the back yard.


Clayton the spackle guy, on stilts, spacklng in the master bathroom!


While all of this construction was going on we decided to have some of our furniture delivered so we could set up the living room and parlor. This would give us two more rooms to live in. It would also allow us to have friends and family over. And...Christmas Eve was just around the corner. We wanted to be ready to have our annual celebration. So...since we wouldn't be able to cook in, we went to plan B and made reservations for Xmas Eve dinner at Hamilton's Grill Room. Everyone could come over for drinks, then we could go have dinner. Afterwards we would walk back to the house and continue the festivities. You know what? We had lots of fun! In fact everyone stayed until after 2:00 in the morning. It was the first time we entertained guests and it made us feel so good about the house. Just imagine when all the work is done! 

One corner of the living room ready for the holidays.


The Emory Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams looks great! Very comfy, too. We ordered our furniture months ago. It's all at our delivery company, McDaniel Furniture Services. They do all of the store's deliveries.


The new year arrived and we were now ready for the finishing work to start. Over the last several weeks Nick and I picked out all of the kitchen cabinets and appliances, plumbing fixtures, the tiles (kitchen and bath) and lighting. Soon everything would come together. Exciting! But also daunting. There were so many details to figure out.