The next several weeks were a whirlwind of activity! Except, when it wasn't. I know that contractors work on multiple projects and sometimes need to be on another job, but...It's kinda discouraging when no one is working on your renovation. Still...things were progressing. Brud and his crew were doing a great job. We were especially pleased with his expert craftsmanship and his attention to detail. 

The right side of the refrigerator surround met the newly reworked brick wallBrud carefully cut the edge with a jig saw so that it followed the uneven line of the brick.



I mentioned in a previous blog post that we had our countertop material in our warehouse. We love the matte black straight-edged look of Richlite. The only thing we discovered was that the pieces were cut 24.5" wide. This is narrower than what we needed. Brud suggested trimming the edge with walnut to allow for a better overhang on 24" deep cabinets. This band goes all along the perimeter of the countertop along the walls. This is a close up of the corner of the peninsula, which he trimmed with sightly wider pieces of walnut and gave a mitered corner. A nice detail. We also love the exposed silver screw heads.


Another view of the peninsula.


He also did a great job cutting the Richlite out for the sink. 


I got my range hood on sale. There was a bit of a miscommunication at Hendrick' arrived and it was meant to go under an upper cabinet. No worries! Brud custom made this awesome cover for the vent pipe! the pencil lines on the wall indaicate where the back plash tile will go. Yay!   


 Brud and Matt are installing beaded board in our master bath. It's looking great!


Our vanity is a "retired" piece of Blue Raccoon counter cabinetry we had in our warehouse. Brud worked his magic and made it fit into the space. The countertop will be white Carrera marble fitted with two sinks.


 Brud repaired this corner in the dining room. He gave it a rounded edge with baseboard trim to match.


By the beginning of March the final electrical and plumbing were being installed. Our kitchen appliances were being connected. We were having conversations about detail work with Brud. Settling on closet shelf configurations, paint finishes and placement of kitchen and bathroom hardware. Our days of eating out every night and doing laundry at the laundromat were finally coming to a close. It couldn't be soon enough...