Details, Details

We are at that point in the whole renovation process where everything is almost done. Almost...So many details to think about and finalize. It's quite overwhelming. We're looking at lots of bathroom hardware and accessories, floor stain colors for the master bedroom and pie staircase. And what about that light fixture in the dining room? Brud is putting in new thresholds in a couple of doorways and finalizing details for the back step-out porch. He's meeting with Mike Cameron to go over the outside masonry. Nick and I are also choosing paint colors. 

Details Inside

Now remember when I said that renovations can be, like, stop, go, go? The painters came in last week and started to add color to the rooms. All very exciting, but then they had to go to another job. We already had the floor sanders scheduled to come back and re-finish the floors in the remaining 2 rooms (master bedroom and dining room). But with the painting on hold things were looking like they were going to get backed up. See...if the painters aren't done with their work by the start of the floor sanding that means that they couldn't get into those rooms for 2 weeks after the floors were re-finished. (You can walk on the floors, but no rugs, furniture or hard edged ladders.)

We were anxious to get the last of the dirty work done so we could finish unpacking and finally settle in. That's right...we have been in the house for a year now (amazing, no?) and we are still living out of boxes. Still, we loved the colors that were being applied to the walls. And...the painters actually came through for us. They told us they'd be finished this week. Yay! The only thing they might have to come back for is some trim work.

Benjamin Moore #1619 Silver Mist: A nice dusty, blue grey in the dining room. I think the fabrics we chose for our new Ada Dining Chairs from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams will look beautiful with this color.


These are the two fabrics we chose for our Ada Dining Chairs. Pippin-Teal (left) is a beautiful micro-cord, lustrous velvet. For the backs of the two arm chairs we chose a contrast tonal woven geometric: Jazz-Teal (right).


The pie staircase leading from the kitchen up to the master bedroom. The treads will be sanded, left natural wood and coated with a clear finish. The risers will be white. Benjamin Moore #703 Catalina Blue goes all the way up and into the master bedroom.



The closet doors in our master bedroom being painted glossy white.


Details Outside

While the painters were working inside Mike the Mason came to work on the outside walls. We put in new windows, doors and vents for various appliances and the stucco needed to be patched. He does fine work. It was a sunny, but chilly, day when he started. I had just gotten back from a brisk walk with our dog Siri and he and I had a funny conversation about long johns...


Mike patching up the outer wall under one of the new kitchen windows. He's going to install a brick ledge just below the window frame. 


Cement mixer set up in the back yard. We need a new fence!


 The new brick trim on one of our kitchen windows.


So all in all things are progressing rather quickly. We're almost at the finish line...beginning to feel like this is gonna be a great spring in the new house! Brud was here this week and he looked at me and said, "So, that's it. All the inside work is done." I had to let that sink in...