The High Point of Our Month

High Point Furniture Market

Recently, we took a break from the renovation (which allowed the refinished floors to cure) and made our twice-yearly trip to High Point, NC for the furniture market. Spring has barely arrived and we're shopping for next fall. It was a very exciting many good finds. We previewed so many wonderful products. There were lots of comfy, plush seat cushions and soft fabrics on sofas and chairs. Beautiful accent furniture, rugs and lighting. The style was casual elegance. That fits in perfectly with Blue Raccoon's vision. We love stylish home furnishings that are super comfortable and, also, affordable. Come September, Blue Raccoon is going to be chock full of all of these wonderful finds.

We see many things in High Point (along with attending a party or two) and you never know what might show up here in the store…


I guess not everything from the buying trip is for next fall. These beautiful lanterns arrive in May!


Back Home

While we were away I missed being in our newly renovated home. When we return from High Point, the floors that we sanded will be fully cured and we can finally move in to those rooms. We'll set up our dining room, master bedroom and, finally, our media room. We really miss being able to watch our movies and TV shows on our fantastic system. We'll also be able to unwrap our artwork and start hanging it all. (More about that in a later post.)

Anyway...this week's project? I'm glad you asked! I decided to install lights above the kitchen wall cabinets. Our electrician Danny Knott installed outlets over the upper cabinets with a wall switch just in case I wanted to do something like this, so...I went to Finkles Hardware Store and bought LED strip lighting and all the connectors, plugs, etc. and just DIY'd it! 

The LED stripping is really easy to install and not that expensive. The stripping can be cut with scissors to the size you need. After that you just connect it to a wire that plugs into the wall. It's literally a snap. (See below.)



The connector opened with the strip in place (left) and closed (right).


My vintage yellow ware bowl collection looks great with the new lights installed. The lights are on high in this picture, but they are on a dimmer switch.


I think it looks great! It adds so much light and warmth to the room. What do you think? Anyway, that's all for this week. Thanks for checking in.