Hey, Good Looking, What's Cookin'

We've been able to use our new kitchen for about 3 weeks now. The renovations aren't completely finished, but Brud is winding down. During the days, when the guys are busy in other rooms, it tends to get a bit frenetic. The sounds of hammering and sawing can really get to you if you're trying to sit and relax. Every evening we have to vacuum and dust before I can start cooking. Still...It's nice to be able to prepare and eat a meal at our new kitchen counter!   

The kitchen came out even better than we had anticipated. All that planning really paid off. I've never cooked in such a well organized environment! I relied on my experience as a home cook, advice from our architect Gary O'Conner and various websites to create the perfect floor plan. I did some drawings early on to help us visualize the space. I planned the placement of cabinets, right down to their specific function, based on work zones. Looking at plans never really gives you a true sense of the physical space, though. Our kitchen looked good on paper, but it turned out to be larger than we imagined it would be. This was a pleasant surprise.

After we chose the cabinets, I worked up this little rendering to help me visualize the space.


Now...the room has 3 main zones: one for food prep and cooking, one for cleaning, and another for serving. The food prep/cooking area encompasses the cabinets along the wall with our range. This area also has the fridge and pantry cabinets. The cleaning area, with the dishwasher, is along the back wall with the sink underneath a window looking out onto our yard. The serving area, with drawers for flatware and napkins and upper cabinets with dishes and glassware, is adjacent to the peninsula with our new counter stools. With all of this space I sure had fun planning where all of my stuff would go. 


My planning started months ago.


 My main food prep area has upper cabinets that house my oils, vinegars, spices, flour, sugar, etc. I also planned the space above the uppers as a display for my collection of vintage yellow ware bowls. 


 To the left of the range is a three-drawer cabinet with all of my pots and pans. This is the top drawer with my cooking utensils all nice and neatly stored.


 The peninsula is where we eat or work on our laptops. The cabinets to the right house our flatware, napkins, placemats (lower) and our glassware and mugs (upper). The thin pull-out on the bottom nearest the stool houses our breakfast cereals, granolas, protein powder, etc.



My "Rest in Grease" spoon rest looks great next to the range. 


The painting was finished this week and things are looking great. The fridge is stocked. Our pantry supply is beginning to grow. It's such a pleasure cooking in this kitchen. What's for dinner? Well, I'm glad you asked! Tonight I'm making Chicken Roasted Over Potatoes and Lemon from Canal House Cooks Every Day. It's one of Nick and my faves. It's delicious, so satisfying and, also, very easy to make. I'll take you through the recipe next week! Until then...bon appetit