Moving In

Hello, again! Thanks for coming back for another installment of our home renovation blog! Sorry for being away for the last two weeks. Things are very busy with Blue Raccoon's design business and I was a bit overwhelmed. Thanks, Nick, for filling in last week!

Anyway...We moved into our house in March, 2014. As all of you know, if you've been following this blog, we lived in temporary quarters while we renovated, setting up camp in one of the guest bedrooms and the guest bathroom. We were living out of boxes in a cramped space, hanging our clothes on garment racks, etc. Well...I'm happy to say that we moved in to our new bedroom and bath! What a difference. It sure is nice settling in to our new master suite. Sweet! Even Siri loves having the run of the house again. She especially enjoys having her own bed again right next to ours. Good times...


Moving into our master bedroom. We actually slept in this room for a couple of months before the renovations started. It's a great room. Very spacious and filled with light during the day. Nick found these cow hide rugs on a buying trip...what do you think?



Setting up the room and cleaning the furniture as we go.



At the risk of embarrassing myself...the top picture shows the side of one of our nightstands after I moved it into the new bedroom. (Well, we were living through a dusty renovation!) Our king-sized bed and two nightstands fit wall-to-wall rather snugly in the guest room. It made it impossible to clean the cross-hatched slatted sides and backs of each table without moving the furniture out of the room entirely. Oh, my...I had to use a cloth with our Beeswax Furniture Polish and clean each and every square. My finger was actually sore afterwards. 


 Before and after shots of the loo.


Our bathroom is just what we wanted. It has his-and-his sinks and a big glass enclosed shower. Feels like a luxury hotel. We are loving the waterfall shower head!


Siri on one of the cow hide rugs. She looks like she's in "Stealth Mode".


It seems like the master suite was ready just in time for spring. As for the rest of the house...there are only 3 rooms that need work. There's painting to do in the guest bedroom and media room. That's easy and will happen soon. Then we have to think about redoing the guest bathroom, but that day will come...In the meantime we're looking forward to furnishing and decorating the whole house. Stay tuned...