Behind Closed Doors

I like doing laundry. Crazy, no? There's something about it that gives me a sense of well being. Maybe it's seeing the empty laundry hamper afterwards. Knowing that everything is washed and clean. Or the zen-like calm of folding clean clothes, sheets and towels. In our Ottsville home Nick and I would fold in the kitchen area while we watched TV and I fussed around at the stove. Which is why we love our new laundry closet!

The painters are scheduled to come this week, but you get the idea...


A lot of homes have their washer and dryer in the basement. Unless it's a well lit finished basement this makes it a less-than-idyllic place to do chores. If anyone is doing a home renovation I always recommend putting in a laundry room or closet on one of the main floors of the house. Ours is right off the kitchen tucked under the back staircase and it is great. It has two repurposed doors that we salvaged from the front of the house to conceal the washer and dryer. It has shelves for laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies and plenty of room for 2 laundry baskets. We wash a load every couple of days pretty much, so the in-kitchen laundry closet suits us big time!

Our [Maytag Maxima] washer and dryer are bigger than the ones we've owned before. They are modern, large capacity front loaders, which makes them very efficient. In fact the washer is large enough to wash sofa slip covers, which is fantastic. At Blue Raccoon we always have slip covered pieces by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on the floor. Right now we have an Alexa 83" Sofa slip covered in a white denim and an Alex Chair slip covered in a gray chambray. After being on the floor for 8 or more months it was time to wash the sofa slip cover. Although it may sound counterintuitive the Bull Denim-White (yes, white denim) slip we cover we chose to show the sofa in washes up very nicely. I added bleach to get out the dirt and any stains from the daily wear and tear. When it came out of the washer it was bright white! All I had to do was air dry it over night. I put it back on while it was still ever-so slightly damp. This helps to "iron out" any wrinkles. (You can see me putting the slip cover back on below.)

Look how dirty the bottom of the front of the skirt is. Yikes!


Fitting the newly washed slip cover.


Putting the slip cover back on the base. Alexa II slip covers feature zippers at the back corners (makes them easier to get on and off) and velcro under the arms (this gives it a tailored look.)


Tucking in the corners of the inside arm and back.


When we were designing our kitchen we wanted to create a space that was well organized for everyday living. Turns out that the laundry closet not only makes washing clothes easy it also provides a place to store our cleaning supplies, brooms, dust pans, etc. We've been using the kitchen for about a week now even though the walls still need to be painted. After months of living without a kitchen having our appliances installed really makes life much easier. Now it's time to add some paint color to these rooms!   

The newly washed slip cover. What a difference! Those wrinkles will relax in a few days.