Guest Blogger: It's Nick and is there trouble in Paradise?

Hello to all our BR blog friends,

A BIG apology for the lapse in posts, but Nelson has been sidelined with interior design jobs – we added four new clients to our roster in the last 4 weeks! And that takes up a lot of time and energy. So, as Nelson’s other half (and equal participant in this rollercoaster of a renovation), I’ll take over this week with a quick update.

 We don’t have mice except for this one. Decorating by hanging artwork and all our esoteric collections goes a long way to making us feel at home. We'll be showing you lots more as it comes together. Amazing fact: we have too much artwork to hang :-/

Renovating our home was an adventure to begin with, and now that the major improvements are completed (kitchen, master bathroom and master bedroom, plus new plumbing and electrical wiring), it works, looks and feels great. As Nelson has reported, we are very happy/satisfied/pleased with our contractor, Brud and his assistant, Matt. Though they made the duration of the project just bearable (about 9 months), I am having post-traumatic home renovation stress since this all cost much more than we budgeted for. It's not anyone's fault, it's just the way it is. They call it “this old house” for a reason. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here now.

So, a funny story this week – so funny, I want to cry: We get the master bathroom finished and it’s awesome (Nelson will fill in with details later).  But we discover a leak from the existing guest bathroom, the one we didn’t get a chance to renovate yet. Right on our dining room ceiling. Guess we will be opening up walls and a ceiling to discover the origin of the leak.

Concealed in the walls is old piping and such, so we’re thinking about how to best tackle this. Overall, I’m opting for a general bathroom facelift – new toilet, wall mounted or pedestal sink and a higher quality bath/shower enclosure. I would like to avoid the expense of tiling. New paint, synthetic floor tile and lighting should make it look 1000% better. These are current “before shots.”


And one more before shot. The existing shower/bath enclosure. It took a lot of disinfecting before we could use it.

Ewwww is a more articulate way of expressing how we feel. Pictures and a new post about the new master bath will be up soon. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about a shower/bath enclosure instead of tiling and grouting? Let us know or leave a comment on our FB page --  blueraccoonhomefurnishings