Living The Back Porch Life

Welcome back, friends! Spring is quickly turning into summer and, now that phase one of the interior construction is over, we're working on outside projects. Lots to do...There's a new fence to put in, garden beds to plan, a patio to lay...lots of stuff to think about. We might not get to everything on this list this summer, but by the fall we should be in pretty good shape. 

Two weeks ago Brud got to work installing our new back porch. Originally the kitchen had a door next to the refrigerator that led to the side porch. We decided to move that door to the back of the house. This would allow us to reconfigure the room to give us more counter space and a better working kitchen. Also, if I'm grilling or we're entertaining in the yard, it's a more efficient route in and out. Better flow, right? Well the elevation of the first floor is about 4 steps higher than the back yard. So...we're getting a new back porch! We're actually super excited about this. It will be big enough to let us have a small cafe table and 2-4 chairs. It'll be the perfect place to have our morning coffee or evening glass of wine!



You always hear about people building decks over a long weekend...never saw it in action! It took Brud 2 days to frame out the new deck, which he finished off with cedar wood. Looks amazing!



This corner next to our refrigerator originally had a door which led to our side porch. Now it's a great work space with two windows. (If you look closely you can tell that asparagus and strawberry season were happening at None Such Farm that week. And how do you like my Kokedama orchid hanging in the window?)


The new back door leading to our new back porch.


After making quick progress on the deck, the weather turned and the rains came. They couldn't come back for almost a week. The decking material arrived one very soggy morning and just sat there. I know we need the rain, but, seriously, all at once? Anyway, finally there was a break in the weather and they were able to finish.



 The decking material (composite for durability...I would have prefered real wood, but...oh,well). It arrived one very rainy day...



Matt laying the decking boards.


The new siding on the back. We were getting tired of looking at that Tyvek water barrier stuff...We also had a nifty little square LED light fixture put in that shines up and down to illuminate the porch. The door will be painted black and will get a screen door that will have a glass panel that can be installed for the winter.  


Brud did an amazing job building our privacy fence. 


We got home one Friday evening and it was all finished. I know we have lots more to do, but it feels like we have our home back. The deck gives us one more "room" to live in. We're looking forward to getting to our other projects, but now we have some furniture deliveries to deal with! Woohoo!