When Are We Finished?

You get to a point in the renovation process where you ask yourself, "When are we going to be finished?" And, more importantly, "What is this gonna look like?!" Sitting for the first time on our new back deck last week Nick and I got a feel for what life in our new (not-so-new) house would be like. It gave us the warm fuzzies...We could visualize what the patio and garden would look like. It looks like a bit of a mess right now. (Should we put up a sign that says, "Work In Progress" for anyone walking along the canal towpath?) Still...with a little imagination, you could see it all... Same with the inside. Even though we are done with the renovation in most of the rooms, we are still adding finishing touches, furnishing and decorating.

I believe that, from day one of demolition to hanging the last picture, it takes a year or two to fully move into a renovated house. But, I enjoy the little steps: hanging our group photos in the entryway staircase, setting up our living room, moving into our master bedroom, and so on. I'm busy hanging wall art and displaying collections. We're getting deliveries of furniture. Nick is arranging books and collectables on shelves. All very exciting. 

A new replacement fence on the north side of our back yard. When we moved in the original fence was totally falling apart. We just cut back the vegetation (mostly weeds) in this bed to keep it neat. It was kind of embarrassing how unkempt it was before...if you happened to pass by on the tow path you would have seen quite a wild and crazy jungle. We're hoping to plant in the fall. (btw, our neighbor's greenhouse on the other side of the property line is used for storage(!) and not plants. Funny or sad?



 The entryway staircase with our group photo collection. Nick and I have been collecting these since the 1980s. Each of them is distinctive -- either by composition, date of photograph, place or subject matter. Even though we're often asked who is in them, we look at these as slices of history and stories frozen in time. Of all the places we've lived and displayed them, I think they look best in this setting. What do you think?


We had our dining room furniture delivered last week. We grouped 3 Vanguard Furniture "Holmes" bookcases along one wall for our books and other collections. I came home on Friday and Nick had finished setting it up. I think he did a fine job.


 A new wingback chair from Michael Weiss for Vanguard Furniture arrived last week. You can order it from us in September. We love the shape and the nail head trim. Notice the Greek key design on the outside of the wing and front arm panel. Our Ella Fitzgerald print is an original NYC subway poster from the late 70's promoting WNEW radio. We also have Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Mel Tormé and Peggy Lee. 


If you've followed this blog every week, this shot may look familiar. Added some things and changed some pieces here and there... I'll highlight design details and share some insights into our home accents in a future post. Unfortunately (but lucky for us), the Emory Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is no longer available.


It's looking really great and we're certainly feeling more at home than at any time in the last 15 months of living here! I promise that we will have the whole house professionally photographed for you to see once we're done. But then, when are we finished?