Painting Walls and More

It seems like summer just got here, yet we're getting ready for the fall season at the store. We've placed our orders for furniture, accessories and gifts and I think it will be our best collection yet. Things will start arriving at the end of August, so before these new finds get displayed, we're refreshing the entire store -- new wall paint, fixtures and signage. As if we didn't have enough going on! I mean, between the 7 design projects, the ongoing renovation project at home and the day-to-day running of the store, it's been a busy summer!

Normally, July and August are slow months. But thanks to having the best customers, this year we've been very busy. A busier season means more traffic flow and that can make painting the walls a tad chaotic since we're open 7 days a week. Yikes! Just look at that mess. Luckily our customers are also very patient...


Cutting in around the windows. Now...I'm doing all of the painting myself in order to manage the chaos. I can paint everything over two section at a time, one day a week. Also, let's face it, it's easier on the budget. At home the painters we hired didn't do such a great job. The corners aren't very straight and they dripped everywhere...Another reason to do it myself!


What's going on at home? The giant trench in our neighbor's yard is being filled in. Now we can repair the fence and, finally, get to the back yard landscaping. Also, we're working on the two front rooms on the second floor of the house. We're sanding and scraping to get ready to paint the walls and clean up so we can set up our guest room and media room. Our goal is to be finished with these two rooms by mid-September the latest. Then we can focus on the backyard patio and fall planting.


The back hoe filling in the trench in our neighbors' yard.


There was a telephone wire that ran along the trim edge in the upstairs front room. This house was heavily wired for land lines (no surprise) and since we don't need one ourselves, all the wiring has been removed, but it left a mess. The wiring was often covered with layers of paint. When I pulled this out it left a ridge that we need to scrap and patch before we paint. Lots of tedious detail work.

We have some sanding to do. Also, don't you just love the pink? Yeah, right...


Nick and I are amazed at how fast the summer is going by. Labor Day will be here before we know it and we'll begin to see familiar faces again. The goal is to finish setting up the store by mid-September. 


One of Nick's great finds from Atlanta. These pillows are so cheerful and stylish!


Well, thanks for checking in with us! I hope you're having a lovely summer. We look forward to seeing you in town and in the store. In the meantime...maybe it's time for some gazpacho!

My kitchen window sill. Mmmmmm....