Mending Fences

A fence on Union Street that we admire. I love the cut out design.

Now that our neighbors in the adjoining house were able to fill in the ditch next to our fence line it's time to work on our back yard. The first thing on the list is...that fence! It needs to be replaced as it is very dilapidated. We met with our handy, Mr. Cruz, this week to discuss the project. He is our local man-of-all-trades. He and his crew do landscaping, lawn and garden maintenance, painting, you name it. He's quite amazing! He's going to help with our landscaping and, since he did such an outstanding job repairing a fence for our neighbors to the north, we asked him to do ours before the fall planting season. 

The fence along the property line we share with the neighbors in the attached house to the south needs to be entirely replaced. It's all rotting away.


Nick and I have been looking at fences around town to help us get ideas. what kind of fence should we install?  We were pretty sure we didn't want a privacy wall. We liked the idea of a 4' fence with some kind of spindle or slat design. There were several reasons for this. 1) We love looking out onto the canal and feel that a privacy fence would block the view. True, it would give us privacy, but we would miss being able to see the canal and, in the winter, the river. 2) Privacy fences would block any summer breezes from freely blowing through the yard. We asked friends who have a tall privacy fence surrounding a similar smallish back yard about this and they agreed that tall privacy fences trapped some heat. 3) We feel that the garden we're envisioning would thrive and be more appealing with a lower, open style fence. 

Lambertville Fences We Love

A modern privacy fence nearby is rather handsome. The diagonal slats are a nice design element.


A simple trellis fence painted in an earth tone caught my eye. I could see this in our back yard.


I just love this gate. It offers privacy, yet it's whimsical cut out animal heads are very inviting.


This is the winner. Sometimes called a Victorian picket fence, the 1" spindles are cut with a pyramid shaped top. We think it has great style and will blend in nicely with the plantings and surrounding landscape. 


 Another example of this style fence. Most fences have a "good" side that you need to place towards your neighbors and a "bad" side that you'd have to look at on your side. This fence has the added bonus of being double-sided. It looks great no matter where you are! Now what's wrong with that?!


We're thinking of installing a small blue stone patio for a dining table surrounded by borders of shrubs and perennials. River stone pathways will lead from the house to the back canal towpath gate. There will be no lawn to mow. Think London or New York townhouse garden. The Victorian picket fence style will be the perfect backdrop for our Lambertville townhouse garden. Once all the shrubs and perennials that we're thinking of planting establish themselves it will be a place where we can relax and entertain family and friends. We can't wait!


One more Lambertville fence shot. This garden gate has a pergola overgrown and lush with a trumpet vine. So beautiful.