Home, Sweet Home

We're home! Now that it's fall Nick and I are focusing on the details that still need attention before winter sets in. Our back yard fence was installed while we were on vacation. We're hoping to plant some shrubs and trees before the first frost, maybe even put in a patio. Also, while we were away, the ceiling in the dining room was repaired. Now we have to choose and install our lighting fixtures for that room. We have a fixture in mind for over the dining table, but we still need to choose lights for the three bookcases. We're thinking some kind of picture light...

Our new fence! Mr. Cruz, our handyman-of-all-trades did an amazing job.


That spot in our dining room ceiling was expertly repaired by our contractor Brud Hutchinson and Matt Bye. We were prepared for a patched-up look, but were amazed. You can't tell anything was done. It's like new!


The two front rooms upstairs are now painted and almost completely furnished. In fact, two weeks ago we had the last of our furniture delivered! The guest room now has a bed in it. But the biggest news, the thing that affects our day-to-day lives the most, is that Nick was able to set up our TV and sound equipment in the media room. This is a huge deal! Nick and I are big movie buffs. We go to the movies quite often and love watching TV shows and films at home. It's been a long time -- about 18 months! -- without our big TV and surround sound system. Last Saturday was our first evening at home that we were able to enjoy our new set up. After a lovely home cooked meal we retired to our media room and watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. (It was great). Even Siri couldn't contain her joy! It's been a year and a half since she's been able to snooze on the sofa between me and Nick while we watch a film.    

Let's just say the movie watching experience is...immersive.


 Siri finds the Seda Sofa by Cisco Brothers very comfy. We backed it up to a pair of Mitchell God + Bob Williams' Filmore Bookcases, which makes the room feel cozy.


 A small sampling of Nick's DVD and CD collection; (not everything can be stored in the Cloud)


We're still unpacking boxes and hanging artwork. Amazing that we've been in the house for 18 months and we still have things in boxes! Still, with the media room set up, it feels more like home.   


Our framed paintings and prints of bulldogs waiting to be hung up in the guest room. The Layla Bed just arrived. Soon the room will be ready for friends and family to stay over.


A matching pair of antique hand-colored engravings hang over our bed.


Happy fall! And remember...it's pumpkin season, but it's also time for paperwhite season at Blue Raccoon. They'll be in the store next week; perfect timing for your Thanksgiving.