Thanksgiving Tablescape

Greetings dear friends! Sorry for not posting anything for a few weeks. We've been busy getting the store into gear for the fall holiday season. We've found so many wonderful new furniture pieces, accessories and gifts to put in the store. It looks great! You should stop by and see for yourself.

Anyway... Nick and I love to entertain and when we do I love getting creative when setting the dinner table. Let me share a tablescape idea with you!

Tablescaping is lots of fun for me. I get inspiration all over the place. (You should see me in a crafts store or garden center! Ha!) This time I've put together a  collection of pumpkins, gourds, fresh flowers and such that will help me create an organic free flowing centerpiece on BR's Farm Table. I went with a seasonal color scheme of orange, white, red and green


Step one for me is arranging the largest pieces down the center of the table.


Next I added some white mini pumpkins.


Then I added some orange mini pumpkins. I like stacking some.


Now I'm ready to fill in with hypericum berries. They come in many different colors. I picked orange, red and bright green to go with my color scheme. Aren't they pretty? (Get to know your florist. They can get anything!)


 I trim the stems off before nestling the berries in between the pumpkins.  


I think this looks wonderful...and so easy! For this table I used 2 large hurricanes at each end, but you can also add a dozen or so votives placed among the pumpkins for a great effect.


Then I just add some Chilewich place mats, Match Italian pewter flatware and vintage Country Fare dishware from Ohio et viola! (The dishware is from home. I just used it for this demo blog.)


There was a time when stores put their Christmas merchandise on display after Thanksgiving. I miss those days. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It's all about sharing a meal with family and friends and giving thanks for what we have. But it seems to get overshadowed by Christmas. So to give Thanksgiving its due this table display that I've just created is going to remain on display in the store until Black Friday weekend. Come check it out!


One last thought: Another thing I like to do is layer our Chilewich placemats. A round Pressed Dahlia Placemat over a rectangular Bamboo Cranberry Placemat makes a nice statement.