Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

I'm very excited. We finally have a home that we can decorate for the holidays! I mean, I've always decorated inside. I always put up a tree, decorated and trimmed the mantle and tabletop, set my special Christmas Eve table, etc. But our house in Ottsville was set back off a country road. No one saw the house, so I never really decorated outside. So, this is the year I get to do it up! I decided to do all white lights on the porch with some white lit trees on the patch of soil that will eventually be our front garden. I also had this idea of creating a spray of stars over the facade of the building. Here's how that turned out:

I went to Finkle's Hardware Store and had Ernesto cut some metal rods. I drew up a plan that included 3 sizes of stars, all ringed with strands of bright white LED mini-lights. I would incorporate two 30" stars, four 18" stars and six 9" stars and cluster them as if they were falling from the sky. Ernesto cut me 3 different lengths that I would bend into 5 pointed stars. Then all I had to do was tie on the lights with zip ties and hang it all up...sounds exhausting, but I do love my projects, don't I, Nick? 



I gathered everything I needed and took it all home. The next day I started to bend one into the star shape. Hmm...It would be a lot easier if I had a vise. I asked my next door neighbor if he had one, but he didn't. So I asked Ernesto if he'd let me use the one in Finkle's metal warehouse. He said sure. So I walked back with the rods and got to work. Much easier!


As I was working away, Ernesto walked over to take a look. He had a curious look on his face. He looked at me and said, "I think I know what we need." I liked where this was going! He got his blow torch out and we heated up the rods where I had marked the corners of the star shapes. This made it much easier to bend the rod into shape! Then he welded the ends together to form a five pointed star. Perfect!


 Ernesto the mad welder!


 A finished star ready for lights.



I worked for two days and got all of my lights up. I think it looks pretty good! Merry Christmas!