Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived and we've been enjoying the nice warm weather. After the rainy, dreary month of May, we welcome the nourishing sunshine. The plants I put in earlier in the spring enjoyed the drenching rain, establishing themselves quite nicely, so I guess there's that to say about the rainy month...

If you remember from our last post, I decided to save some money and ordered my plants on line. You may also remember that when they arrived they were tiny little twigs. They have grown in some, but I got a bit impatient and decided to fill in a couple of spots, adding more mature plants. It made a big difference.


My butterfly bush and Hydrangeas ("Annabelle") were barely 4" tall when they arrived. They've grown some, but still...It's funny to see big, mature looking blooms on these small plants.


My Agapanthus is finally going to bloom. They were taking so long to establish themselves that I decided to come to terms with the fact that I might not see them bloom until next spring. I'm happy to see them sprout buds!



My Crape Myrtle is very happy and bushing out big time...(The second picture in this blog post is a good "before" shot of it's bare branches.)


I'm glad I got a larger butterfly bush to make the bed look fuller. Notice the little Hydrangeas in the background? I can envision how full the garden will be with blooms...One day...sigh...


Filling in! I broke down, went to The Living Earth and bought some larger specimens to fill the beds in. Much better! Here: an Oak Leaf Hydrangea that I planted next to its much littler friend. (See below.)



I think you get the picture...


I planted some Heliopsis in between the Anemone "Sylvestris". My anemones are starting to fill out, but I'm not sure if they'll bloom this year. Hmm??


My Anemones are growing. I can't wait for them to bloom! C'mon!


The ferns I planted along our side walkway have grown quite a bit.



We sit here every day. It's so wonderful living along the canal towpath. When I look at this view I can envision a lush blooming garden. I love nurturing plants and creating a sanctuary that Nick and I can spend time together and share good times with friends and family. It's a labor of love that will mature with time.