Seduce Seduce

Seduce "Patchouli & Anise" Spa Candle

SEDUCE - The energizing scent of Lemon Zest combined with the warmth and sensuality of Anise envelopes the room in a seductive atmosphere. Combined with Violet, Jasmine, and Patchouli, this fragrance will leave you relaxed and comfortable. A perfectly tempting combination.


Light Root's "Patchouli & Anise" Seeking Balance candle, lie back and say ahhhhh. Root Candles' Seeking Balance line combines the science of aromatherapy and color therapy, allowing the stresses of your day to fade away.



  • 6.5 oz. candle is made entirely with natural waxes
  • fragrances containing essential oil
  • sustainable, crackling wooden wick
  • burn time:  up to 65 hours
  • Made in USA

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